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Who are M+S?

Welcome to our Story



If you have ever interacted with Strong Storm Co, you may have seen M+S written at the bottom of the message. M+S stands for Meagan and Sarah, the women behind Strong Storm Co.

What you may not know, is that these two started as strangers.


The Event

A mutual friend is what actually what brought these two women together. The mutual friend’s name is Nichole.



In July of 2019, Nichole was diagnosed with brain cancer. The world shook.

The girl who is the light to everyone, now needed support from those around her.


As a reaction, many people rushed in with their support, including a young girl. She started selling home-made bracelets to raise money to help Nichole, and her husband Davis, with medial bills. When the young girl could no longer handle the capacity of continuing to make bracelets, Sarah reached out to Meagan with the idea of taking the project over.

After a few late nights, the Strong Storm Co was born.


Co- Founders

Meagan and Sarah are the Co-Founders and work together to help others. There have grown a friendship that would not have been created if it was not for the tragic event that brought them both together.

Meagan is the type of person that you want as your best friend. She is kind, considerate and sincere.

Sarah is strong, determined and loving.



Where are we Today

Today, Strong Storm Co sells goods and accessories that support families going through their own turmoil. Each purchase gives back to those families and provides you a constant reminder to have faith, support those around you and know that you can be stronger than the storm.



Our Why

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, the whole family is effected. Here at Strong Storm Co, we are a place to find support. We wanted to make sure that families knew that they were not alone.

We also give back, support families directly and share faith.


We Give Back

With each purchase made here at Strong Storm Co, a portion of the proceeds are donated to organizations that support families living with cancer.


We Support Families

We provide resources and fundraising efforts to help add normalcy to those living through the turmoil cancer can cause.


We Have Faith

We provide hope, prayer, love and positive encouragement. While wearing any item purchased through Strong Storm Co, this is your reminder that you are capable of being stronger than the storm.



The Future

Meagan and Sarah have a lot of plans for Strong Storm Co in 2020. Things including partnerships, attending a benefit, and getting more involved in the community! Looking to support us in our mission?


You can shop NOW through December 26th with code “HAPPYBDAY” to get 20% off!


We also accept donations, prayer, and love hearing how we have supported YOU on social media! Be sure to tag us @strongstromco and use #strongstormco to get featured!


Happy Christmas! We are so happy to have you here and supporting us!




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