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American Brain Tumor Association

The American Brain Tumor Association is the nation’s oldest nonprofit organization dedicated to brain tumor education, support, and research. In 1973, the ABTA was founded by two mothers determined to find answers that, at the time, were not yet available. Since then, the ABTA has funded more that $30 million in brain tumor research and now reaches a national audience, providing educational and support resources. We are a proud partner of their Charitable Shopping Program. For every bracelet purchased, $1 is directly donated to the ABTA.




Nichole Bates

Nichole is a beautiful soul. She is a great friend to many, a dedicated wife, daughter, sister and dog mom, an amazing health coach, a workout enthusiast, a health guru, and the list could truly go on and on. Nichole was diagnosed with a grade 3 brain tumor in her left frontal lobe, temporal lobe and basal ganglia in July of 2019. Treatment includes awake brain surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. We stand with Nichole through her storm and we invite you to stand with us. Together we can be stronger than the storm!


Glen Solem

Glen is a fighter. Last November Glen and his family received the news of his Esophageal cancer. It changed their lives forever. Glen has always put the lives of others before his own, including his family and his community. The amount of lives he has saved with firefighting and responding to medical calls throughout his lifetime are endless. He has risked his life for the lives of others and now we get to turn this around and support Glen. ⠀

Glen has been through a lot this past year fighting his cancer. Most recently they discovered his cancer cells have spread to the fat cells in his stomach. They are taking the next necessary steps to go through a very aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatment plan. Please take a moment to pray for Glen and his family, as we are also here to support them!



We were able to support Amara’s family during a benefit in January of 2020. Unfortunately, Amara was unable to win her battle. Prayers go out to her family.


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